Meet Vasily Lopatin

Lopatin family picture.jpg

My name is Vasily Lopatin. My family and I moved to Rochester, NY from Virginia to start a church for Ukrainian, Russian, and Belorussian people. We have three kids in our family: Yelyzaveta (born in 2000), Denis (born in 2005), and Anton (born in 2011). I am a graduate of Odessa Theological Seminary (B.Th., 1999, Ukraine) and Evangelical Theological Faculty (M.Th., 2001, Belgium). God blessed us with a wide experience of teaching at churches and in Odessa Theological Seminary for a number of years (2001-2014) as well as practical church ministry as missionary and pastor in Russia and Ukraine (1991-2014). We are here in upstate New York to share with people that Jesus loves them and want them the best in their lives.

Repentance in sins, sincere faith and obedience to the Bible in daily life makes a new person out of a fallen sinner. We experienced this in our lives and would like to tell people this will work in their lives as well. We plan to start Bible study groups in different locations of the Rochester area. As the information comes to this web resource about the Bible study group place and time, you are very welcome to join to the group nearest to your location. Take your Bible, join to a group and experience God’s changing power in your life!!! (Bible studies would be in Russian and English). This October we have started our worship services at a place we rent from Shema Israel synagogue at 1326 North Winton Road, Rochester NY 14609. We meet at 5 PM each Sunday evening for worship/Bible study in groups/fellowship time. Come to join us!!!